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Experience Penalties from Both Sides of the Line

Who says that strikers get to have all the fun? If you really want to experience the thrill of a penalty shootout, you need to see things from the goalkeeper’s point of view as well. That’s one reason we love Penalty Challenge Multiplayer it allows you to play as both attacker and keeper! One second, you’re lining up to boot the ball into the top corner, and the next, you’re getting your hands in position to block the other team’s shot! Just like a real match, the first to five goals wins. If you’re tied at the of five, then you keep going until someone inches ahead. Do you have the nerves of steel to score the game-winning goal and make the game-winning save?

We’ve Got Something for All Football Lovers!
Ask a world-class defender, and they will probably tell you that their favorite part of the game is stripping the ball from an opponent and booting it down field. Of course, you know what a striker would say – they love smashing the ball into the back of the net! Whatever your preference is, we’ve got plenty of titles to help you live your pro football fantasies. Face your opponents head on as they barrel towards you in an attempt to score. Streak down the field as you attack their goal. Prefer to hog the spotlight? You can dribble your way from the half line to the goal if you have the skill. If you’re more of a team player, then keep those opponents guessing with quick passes.

Multiplayer or Solo
You can even get your friends in on the action with this category! Challenge them to the ultimate shooting contest. Winner gets bragging rights and loser has to try again to redeem themselves. You can either take turns shooting on goal or play in an intense head-to-head matchup. If you’re more of a solo player, we have plenty of titles that put you up against tough computer opponents. Either way, you will need to be quick, unpredictable and accurate if you want to earn the thundering roar of applause from the crowd that you crave. Whether you prefer multiplayer or solo, the important question is this: Will you rise to the pressure, or be defeated by it? True champions will always play their hardest, even when they’re down 5-0!

Handling, Shooting and Saving
Got some fun tricks up your sleeves? Our free football games category will give you plenty of chances to show off your dribbling, shooting and goal-saving skills. Maybe you want to try something in these games that you’ve been working on in the field. Either way, this is a great chance to work on your fundamentals. Pass the ball into space, where your opponents aren’t expecting it. Zip left and right as you dribble around them, crossing their eyes. Dive to save shots with ease and shut down their hopes of scoring. Most importantly, have fun doing it! We’ll see you on the field.