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The World’s Five Oldest Football Clubs

Meet the clubs that helped to make soccer the most popular sport on the planet.

Football is one of the most popular games in the world, having originated in England with the creation of the Football Association in 1863. The earliest Breton sports clubs were founded in the Land of the Queen. And, starting on the old continent, these clubs began to pave the way for the rest of the world to learn about and participate in the sport.

The earliest clubs, according to FIFA records, were all founded in the nineteenth century, are all active, and some play in the Premier League, one of the toughest leagues in football, while others are amateur or play in lower leagues.

Sheffield United Football Club 

Sheffield is the world’s oldest football club. The club was founded on October 24, 1857, in Sheffield, England, by two cricket players, William Prest and Nathaniel Creswick. When winter arrived, the weather made it difficult to practice cricket, so the buddies got into a heated debate about what sport would be the best for staying in shape throughout the winter. After several hours of deliberation, they decided that this sport would be football.

Notts County Football Club 

Nottingham, England, was the birthplace of the world’s second club, which was created five years after Sheffield. Notts County Football Club was founded on November 28, 1862, and was one of the English League’s twelve founders. It all started at Cremorne Gardens when two friends, W. Arkwright and Chas Deakin, played ball against each other. This club, the Juventus of Italy, was the idea for the Old Lady’s mantle, which in turn was the inspiration for Botafogo.

Rangers Football Club 

The third oldest team in the world was born in Glasgow, Scotland, a little further from England but still within the United Kingdom. In March 1872, four brothers, Moses Mcneil, Peter McNeil, Peter Campbell, and William McBeath, created the Glasgow Rangers. The year is officially recognized as the team’s founding year by historians. The club declared bankruptcy in 2012, owing over $26 million to the square. The name was changed to “Rangers Football Club” after it was purchased by a businessman.

Aston Villa Football Club 

Aston Villa was formed in March 1874 in Birmingham, England, by cricket players. It was one of the English League’s twelve founder clubs, as well as the Premier League. Since 1897, the team that plays at Villa Park, its stadium, has won the sixth most big titles of any English club. He is now a Premier League player.

Everton Football Club 

This was yet another club that sprang from the necessity to find a winter activity to replace cricket. Thus, in 1878, the Methodist Church of Santo Domingo established the Everton Football Club in Liverpool, England, to provide a sporting pastime for its faithful during the chilly days of the old continent. Before becoming known as Everton, the club wore the name of the cathedral, Santo Domingo, on its shield. Everton is the English club with the most first-team appearances in the country, and they presently compete in the Premier League.

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