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Working Of The Football Club’s Staff- Things You Need To Know

Who books hotels and flights, how a medical room is set up, Gabulov’s persuasions, and other football club secrets are revealed at the training camp.

For the vast majority of football players, training camp is their least favorite time of year. Especially the first ones, when coaches are fully laden with physics after a vacation. Players and coaches, on the other hand, must concentrate on their work and not be sidetracked by organizational concerns.


Preparation of clothes, equipment, storage, & tracking of materials is all part of the job.

The job is to get all of the equipment ready for the matches and classes. They took gymnastics mats, snacks, shirt fronts, and water bottles to the field before today’s morning session. They arrive on the pitch a little earlier than the team, lay things out, and check the ball pressure.

They keep an eye on the form’s cleanliness and make sure that all of the numbers are entered accurately. The players throw off their soiled uniforms in the locker room after the game, and they collect them in bags and transport them to the base to be washed.

When a new player arrives, they inquire about his size, place an order for a uniform for the person in charge of the equipment, and proceed to the warehouse. They fill out the form, add the numbers, gather the bag, and hand it over to the player. They make a memo to the general director and get a new piece of equipment from the warehouse whenever a football player breaks or loses shape. For training camps and travels, they also bring extra kits in all of the appropriate sizes.


Diagnostics, field first aid, pharmaceutical guidance, and assistance with domestic health issues are all part of the job.

“The most important thing he keeps with him during games & training seems to be a doctor’s bag. It includes everything you’ll need for dressing, hemostatic agents, and resuscitation. All other necessary medications are already in the medical room, as this is for “delayed care.” In theory, you should always have medicines on hand, similar to an automobile first-aid box.

A team doctor – football, hockey, volleyball, it doesn’t matter – but first and foremost, a family doctor. When it comes to the health of relatives or friends, players and coaches look to us for assistance. They request that the mother be advised and that they be brought to evaluate the children. Our primary responsibility is to assist not only team members, but also individuals in their immediate vicinity. If the case isn’t too tough, they can prescribe medication themselves. In another scenario, they order tests, recommend suitable doctors to contact, and coordinate therapy.

Team Leader

Tasks include logistics planning and collaboration with hotel staff.

“An organization with whom we have a strong history of working is seeking for a hotel.”. She is a member of several RFPL and FNL clubs as a partner. We express our desires and provide suitable options, from which the club’s management selects the most comfortable. My main responsibility is to organize the team’s flight to the training camp or competition location. Transfer from the airport to the hotel where the team will be staying.

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